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"Stand up and realize who you are, that you tower over circumstances. You are a child of God, Stand up straight!" - Maya Angelou.

KWST educates minority male students and their parents to develop self-awareness, leadership, and advocacy skills to address critical issues in their schools and communities, break the cycle of negative male socialization, improve academic engagement, and develop a liberated mindset.​

Keary Wayne Saffold

Founder/CEO of KWST Behavioral Development Group.



Kenneth Wayne Saffold  Targeted Behavioral Development Group






Mission: ​

KWST Behavioral Development Group is dedicated to increasing educational justice by addressing the disproportionate number of low income children and children of color receiving special education services in the Twin Cities and beyond.   


Vision: ​

​All students will be given an equitable educational experience that leads to high school graduation without the threat of being misidentified as requiring special education services.



"When your character is built on spiritual and moral foundation, your contagious way of life will influence others."

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

KWST speaks truth into the lives and issues it seeks to impact by building each other up,
holding each other accountable and serving as a reliable agent of positive change.

“We are one people; we are one family…And when we finally accept these truths, then we will be able to fulfill Dr. King's dream to build a beloved community, a nation, and a world at peace with itself.” ​-John Lewis

KWST establishes collaborative partnerships with individuals, families, schools, local organizations and government entities. We do this to unify the work of equitable education as a matter of capacity building and sustainability as a means to leaving a legacy of a beloved community for the generations to come.​

"I have realized to believe that excellence is the best deterrent to racism and sexism. And that's how I operate my life." - Oprah Winfrey 

KWST believes all children posses an inner greatness and potential to be successful. We seek to ensure school leadership and teachers receive necessary professional development and consultation to address implicit bias within the Special Education evaluation process that often prevents them from seeing the excellence in minority students.

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KWST Core Values: